Saturday 22nd of February, dark clouds came rolling through, but that didn’t stop the Crest staff and families attending the annual Crest family picnic. We enjoyed a barbecue and drinks, hosted by Paul and Kerry Howden at their place backing on to the beautiful Lake Macquarie. The children (and some adults) enjoyed taking turns floating on blow up bananas, paddling the kayak, and doing flips off the jetty into the lake.

As the day progressed, Paul captained the boat, whipping around the brave ones on the doughnut. Laughter and screams can be heard as far as the shoreline, but it can be reported that everyone manage to survive their turn, so no income protection claims were necessary.

Ultimately the day was a huge success. The food was delicious, drinks were cold, and everyone had a great time. Special thank you to the hosts Paul and Kerry Howden for graciously providing the hospitality for the day.