The Crest Team braved the unknown at Newcastle’s mysterious Unexpected Exit. Here they were faced with three challenging escape rooms in which they had to beat the clock or suffer the consequences. This was one of our monthly team building activities in which we needed to work together to solve a series of puzzles, discover codes and find keys to find a way out. Each room used logic, lateral thinking and ingenuity within the three scenarios as described below.

The Deranged Scientist

What do you get when you mix a mad scientist and world domination? A team at Crest who bravely steps up to the plate to find a cure. After trying on lab coats, playing with brains and getting trapped in curtains, the team was so close to finding a cure. Although, time and science got the better of them as they couldn’t quite crack the code and escape the room with a cure.

Blast Radius

This team had 50 minutes to save Newcastle from certain destruction. In the beginning, Julie and Jess were isolated and handcuffed in the dark while their team members frantically tried to discover the necessary codes in order to reunite them. Finally, Jess and Julie were freed and joined the rest of the team in an attempt to stop the bomb from detonating and bringing utter destruction to the city.

Terror Cell

The unlucky few that were subjected to this room had to navigate their way handcuffed in the pitch black. A good half an hour was spent just trying to find a light switch until Mitch, through sheer perseverance guided the group into the light. Once they could see, their goal was to gather enough evidence in order to stop the terrorist attack and free themselves from the terrorist’s game.

All in all, it was an invigorating experience that allowed the Crest team to utilise collective brain power and critical thinking to solve problems in order to meet the desired goal under pressure. However, none of the teams quite reached the finish line in their designated rooms but each problem faced served as a learning curve. Once again, a big thanks to our Crest Social Committee for organising the afternoon.