Over the past six weeks, a group of the team at Crest have attended a Speechcraft course run by Alpha Toastmasters.  This course was a great way for the team to better themselves in speaking to both large and small audiences.  Throughout the course, they developed different techniques that they could use to steady nerves as well as make themselves more comfortable thinking on their feet.

Each week they had an educational session, with the evaluators from Toastmasters presenting a range of topics.  This gave them ideas of how to better themselves as they demonstrated lots of handy little hints.  For example, body language was one of the topics that was emphasised, giving pointers on how to use different parts of our body when speaking. Rather than just stand still on the spot, they were taught to use appropriate gestures and movements to make the audience really connect with what they were speaking about.

Eye contact was another educational topic, encouraging them to engage with everyone in the room in what they were talking about and the point they were trying to make. They also spoke about visual aids if you are going to use them, you need to make sure that they won’t detract from you or your subject matter.

Their participation over the past six weeks paid off on Monday 25th March as they all graduated from the course.  Congratulations to everyone that participated. We look forward to seeing you all put those newly developed skills to the test.