To ensure our clients continue to receive the highest levels of professional advice, Crest Financial Services focuses on developing and educating their entire team. To this end, the business committed time and resources in order for Rhys Higgins and Patrick Hancock (directors and financial planners with Crest) to attend a week-long Executive Education program, run by Stanford University in Sydney.

This was the first time in Stanford’s long history that they had run their internationally recognised Executive Education course in Australia. With over 100 delegates attending, Rhys and Pat were able to learn a lot from the senior Stanford lecturers who attended. It was also a good opportunity for them to network with their peers throughout the country, focusing on the best practice delivery of financial planning advice in Australia.

The high quality of lecturers Stanford flew out from California, included:

  • Paul Oyer (Professor of Economics)
  • Dan M.Klein (Lecturer in Management and Organisational Behaviour)
  • Steven Callander (Professor of Political Economy)
  • Brian Lowery (Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs)

Also included was a live video link with Silicon Valley venture capitalist and Stanford Lecturer in Management, Robert E. Siegel.

The combination of applying high-level economic theory with practical organisational theory provided Pat and Rhys with some key insights and practical applications. Rhys and Pat are keen to combine these learnings within the Crest business, building on the high level of professional advice that our clients have come to expect and trust.

As you can see, they’re pretty excited about their new certificates.