Congratulations to team members Andrew Thomas, Jessica Deamer, Rhys Higgins, Jake Muras and Cameron Tynan for successfully passing the recent FASEA (Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority) Exam.

What is FASEA?

FASEA, established by the government to set the education training and ethical standards for all Australian Financial Advisers. They supply an exam that is designed to test understanding of the FASEA Code of Ethics and its relation to existing legislation such as the Corporations Act. Passing this exam is a mandatory requirement for those who want to provide financial advice beyond 2021. To date, about 2,000 advisers (of the 20,000+ financial planners in Australia) have passed the exam, this now including members from our team.

The FASEA Exam and Crest Financial Services

These recent results confirm our commitment to maintaining a financial planning team that demonstrates the highest skills and professionalism with the view to maximising our client’s financial positions. To ensure these high standards are maintained a number of our advisers have also begun studying the postgraduate Masters in Financial Planning.

The team’s commitment to ongoing professional and technical studies, ensures that Crest Financial Services continues to be a leader in the provision of quality and valuable advice to the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Port Stephens regions.