Why should you use Crest Financial Services?

Crest Financial Services has been accredited as a Certified Quality Advice practice, in recognition of our proven ability to consistently provide the highest standards of comprehensive financial advice to our clients.

Crest has a blend of youth and experience in our dedicated team of Advisers and support staff. Our years of experience have nurtured business and professional relationships with market leaders in funds management, strategy development and product services as well as the related disciplines of accounting and law.

The combination of in-house technical skills and access to a diverse range of external consultants, enables our highly skilled Advisers to develop strategies and advice, based on the latest legislative changes, resulting in superior service to our clients.



Crest Financial Services provides comprehensive financial solutions to the entire community from young individuals and families just starting out in life’s financial journey, to those wishing to grow wealth more aggressively. To those preparing for retirement and finally, providing solutions for a comfortable retirement.

Whether it is personal or business advice required, we provide solutions that will not only maximise the efficiency and benefits of your resources, but also protect your wealth to ensure your financial goals are achieved, now and into the future.



Crest Financial Services offers a comprehensive process of advice that will allow us to understand your personal needs and goals, then develop and implement a strategic plan that will assist you in achieving what is most important.

Our individually tailored review service offer, ensures that your plan remains on track to achieve your financial goals as you travel the winding road of your financial life.


Our Clients

  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Small Business
  • Accountants & Solicitors


Our Services

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Diversified & tax effective investment planning
  • Savings & wealth creation strategies
  • Life insurance & risk assessment
  • Estate planning
  • Superannuation, rollover and investment vehicles
  • Retirement and pre-retirement planning


Our Fee Structure

Initial Appointment

At our initial appointment we will, in general terms, describe some of the various options available to you before you decide whether you wish to proceed with the preparation of a financial plan.

Plan Preparation

Should you wish for us to prepare a plan for you, we will complete a client questionnaire to obtain information on your current situation and examine your personal and financial objectives. We will then provide you with a written plan and recommendations.

Advice Fees

The fees charged for our advice services may be based on a combination of:

  • A set dollar amount; or
  • A percentage based on funds that you invest.

Our advice fees may include charges for the following advice services:

Initial Advice

The initial advice fee covers the cost of researching and preparing your financial plan and is based on a set dollar amount.

Before providing you with initial advice we will prepare an Initial Advice Agreement. The Initial Advice Agreement sets out what our initial advice will cover and how much it will cost you.

In addition, the initial advice fee will be disclosed in your SOA.

Advice Implementation

The advice implementation fee covers the administrative time spent implementing the recommended strategies and products and is based on a set dollar amount.

The advice implementation fee will be disclosed in your Initial Advice Agreement and/ or your SOA.

Ongoing Advice

The ongoing advice fee covers the cost to review the strategies and the products recommended in your SOA. An ongoing review helps you take advantage of opportunities as they become available. The fee for the ongoing advice fee service is calculated as either a set dollar amount or a percentage of your investments.

Ongoing advice fees may increase each year in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or by a fixed amount or fixed percentage each year. We will advise you if this fee will increase as a result of CPI.

Before providing you with ongoing advice Crest Financial Services will prepare an Ongoing Advice Agreement. This agreement sets out our ongoing advice offer, which includes the advice and services we will provide, as well as frequency these will be delivered, how much it will cost, your payment method and how the service can be terminated.

In addition, the ongoing advice fee will be disclosed in your SOA.

Additional advice

For all other advice an additional advice fee may be charged based on a set dollar amount. Any additional advice fee will be disclosed in your SOA.


Please note that for services in relation to insurance, and business/corporate superannuation, commissions may be paid as follows:

  • Initial commission – deducted from your investment contributions or paid from insurance product providers, and
  • Ongoing commission – a percentage of the value of your investment balance or premiums, usually calculated at the end of each month in which you hold the investment, or on renewal of insurance products.
  • Your advice fees will be calculated at the time we provide you with personal advice. Your SOA will outline the advice fees and any commission inclusive of GST.


Payment Method & Frequency

We offer you the following payment terms:

  • Bpay, direct debit (credit card or savings), cheque
  • Deduction from your investment
  • Ongoing advice fees may be deducted as an annual instalment or in monthly or quarterly instalments.
  • Ongoing advice fees may increase each year in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or by a fixed amount or percentage each year. The specific amount will be agreed to by you and outlined in our ongoing advice agreement.