Helping you make your Retirement Dreams Come True

Superannuation is the cornerstone for fulfilling your retirement dreams. By effectively planning your superannuation contributions you can ensure sufficient savings to provide for your daily living expenses plus your special retirement dreams (such as a holiday or buying a boat).

Superannuation can seem confusing sometimes. Legislation is always changing and you just can’t keep on top of all the rules and regulations. Crest can help you to understand the rules and regulations.

Benefits of Superannuation

By putting in place a suitable superannuation strategy you can increase the likelihood of doing the things you want to do in retirement.

Superannuation is a tax-effective means of saving. Tax concessions include:

  • Tax deductions;
  • Means tested rebates if you are an employee; and
  • Favourable taxation (up to a maximum of 15 per cent) on earnings and capital gains of superannuation funds – this is lower than most personal tax rates.

Your employer is also required (under the Superannuation Guarantee Act) to contribute to a fund for you and this helps build your retirement savings more quickly.

Superannuation can provide you with benefits beyond savings, like access to death and disability (temporary or permanent) protection at affordable rates. This is particularly attractive where your insurance is paid from pre-tax employer or deductible member contributions.

In addition, most superannuation monies are protected from creditors.

Your Crest Financial Services team member can help you put in place a plan that will assist you to be financially prepared for an enjoyable retirement.