rhys higgins

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Rhys and the team at Crest have...

Helped me protect my young daughters future. I have referred several friends to Crest over the years.

-Thomas, 2019

Rhys and the team at Crest have helped my family over...

A number of years. Rhys had especially helped with redundancy and budgetting advice. He always makes time to understand our family’s needs with continuing to provide timely advice in a friendly manner.

-Max, 2018

Rhys has helped me make plans for...

Retirement and also ensure my employer has paid the correct superannuation amounts. He and the team at Crest provide great ongoing advice and service. 

-Thomas. 2018

I have been very happy with the service...

Provided by Crest Financial Services. Rhys has been my adviser for over 4 years and has helped me set up and manage a transition to retirement strategy that suits my changing work situation.

-Philip, 2018

Rhys has helped me to locate and...

Consolidate my supers and invest them for the long term. I really value the education and ongoing service provided by Rhys and the team at Crest.

-Rob, 2018

andrew thomas

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Andrew has helped with...

Super, investment and now helping with property investment and is extremely helpful and informative.

-Phillip, 2019

Andrew provides excellent advice and is...

Very knowledgeable which allows him to explain things to me in simple terms – easy to understand.

-Frank, 2019

Andrew has been super helpful with...

My super and life insurances. Would recommend him to family and friends.

-Kaine, 2017

Crest and Andrew have been able to...

Help me with my retirement planning. They have been quite helpful and would recommend them to anyone.

-Jason, 2017

I have been with Crest Financial Services for many years...

Andrew is my adviser and I feel very confident with his advice. He is very friendly and approachable; he explains information well and follows up with emails when required.

-Shirlene, 2017

patrick hancock

more about patrick
It is wonderful to...

Be able to gain financial advice from someone so knowledgeable as Patrick. He was generous with his time and made sure we understood the plan in place for us. Thank you.

-Jessica, 2018

I appreciate Patrick's work in...

Arranging my super and insurances for me. I feel more in control now that I have these in order.

-Gregory, 2017

We appreciate the thoroguh assessment and...

Are very happy with the service offered. This is an important time for us and the information and advice provided is very beneficial.

-John, 2017

I feel comfortable knowing that...

Patrick takes care of my super and insurance for me. There is a lot to be aware of in this area and I am glad I don’t have to spend too much time trying to work it out myself.

-David, 2017

We have been with Crest for many years and...

Continue to be comforted by the advice provided. Patrick explains things to us in a way that is easy to understand.

-Clarrie, 2017


Mark has been very helpful since...

The passing of my husband 12 months ago and has helped me to put my assets in order.

-Susan, 2019

I'm very happy with Mark's advice/direction...

To my financial affairs. As a young client, only now sorting my career, Mark has helped me discover and understand my options and put them into play. 

-Mitchell, 2019

I have often asked Mark...

To explain in simple terms – he is able to give me explanations that I understand. The visual aids he uses to explain our circumstances are excellent! We are very pleased for Mark to be our financial adviser.

-Jan, 2019

I've always found Mark to...

Be more than willing to help me in anything that was required! I feel I’m in a better position and aware of my affairs regarding Super and Insurance.

-Craig, 2019

Mark has helped me grow my Superannuation significantly...

Since his involvement in my financial affairs. His constant review of my situation has helped me gain greater control of my Superannuation’s destiny.

-Anthony, 2018

jessica deamer

more about jessica
Jessica continues to provide the...

Highly professional and outstanding service we continue to receive from Crest Financial Services. Thank you for many years of great service and support.

-Geoff, 2019

Jessica is lovely and has been...

Incredibly helpful with both my financial affairs and in finalising some estate arrangements. She has been a great support in a difficult time. Thank you Crest Financial Services.

-Georgina, 2018

Jessica has been very helpful in...

Managing our financial affairs and finalising a few outstanding issues. Jessica and her team have allowed us to continue our retirement confident with what we have and need. 

-Krystyna, 2018

Jess is very helpful and explains things in a simple format...

I continue to appreciate all the effort Jessica and Crest Financial Services go to in helping me with my financial affairs.

-Diana, 2018

Crest Financial Services has looked after...

My financial affairs for many years and Jessica has recently taken over and continues to provide the professional and invaluable service I have come to expect. Thank you for your continued support Jessica.

-Kay, 2018


I have recently become a client of Crest Financial Services and...

In particular Cameron Tynan. Throughout the process, Cameron has been respectful of my interests and professional in determining how I can best transition to retirement and into the next phase of my life.

I live in QLD so the whole process was via phone and correspondence, despite this I felt I was very informed throughout my contact with Cameron and overall, a rewarding experience. 

I know Cameron is just a phone call away whenever I need guidance or a professional opinion. I have no hesitation in recommending Cameron to our friends and family and hope to maintain our relationship for many years to come.

-Steve, 2020

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