patrick hancock

more about patrick
Patrick and everyone at Crest have been great...

This has been our first involvement with financial planning and we are very happy with both the results and the fantastic and friendly service. 

-Timothy, 2022

Patrick and the team at Crest Financial Services...

Have been providing excellent financial advice to my wife and I over quite a number of years now and we couldn’t be happier with the services provided.

Patrick is very knowledgeable, easy to deal with and professional and is supported by a great team who are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals. 

We highly recommend Patrick and the team at Crest Financial Services to anyone who wants to take control of and secure their own financial future.

-Joe, 2022

Very happy with the way...

Patrick helps me and keeps me up to date with everything, and looks after my best interests. 

-Vera, 2021

It is wonderful to...

Be able to gain financial advice from someone so knowledgeable as Patrick. He was generous with his time and made sure we understood the plan in place for us. Thank you.

-Jessica, 2018

I appreciate Patrick's work in...

Arranging my super and insurances for me. I feel more in control now that I have these in order.

-Gregory, 2017

rhys higgins

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Rhys from Crest is always...

open to answering any questions we ask and he takes great care to provide detailed information in ways that we easily understand, including the occasion white board presentation which we find very helpful.

We feel reassured by the professionalism of Rhys and his staff at Crest. Our precious super has been wonderfully managed to ensure we have made money and secured a very comfortable future to maintain a high standard of living in our retirement. 

-Maree and Terry, 2021

When it comes to financial advice...

The two biggest factors for me are confidence and trust and Rhys and the team at Crest Financial Services has exceeded expectations on both fronts. 

Rhys has built up our trust in him through his professionalism, responsiveness, genuinely committed client service approach and the way in which he has helped my husband and I to navigate from full-time employment to comfortable early retirement. the entire team at Crest is a masterclass in friendly professionalism and I will continue to refer friends and family seeking financial services to do themselves a favour and get in contact with the Crest crew as their first port of call. 

-Justine, 2021

Rhys and the team at Crest have...

Looked after me for a number of years and have recently helped me to retire and maximise my retirement benefits. They always take the time to explain and follow up their advice.

-Allen, 2020

Rhys and the team at Crest have...

Helped me protect my young daughters future. I have referred several friends to Crest over the years.

-Thomas, 2019

Rhys and the team at Crest have helped my family over...

A number of years. Rhys had especially helped with redundancy and budgetting advice. He always makes time to understand our family’s needs with continuing to provide timely advice in a friendly manner.

-Max, 2018

jessica deamer

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As a new client of...

Crest Financial Services, I would like to thank Jessica and the friendly team for their professionalism, excellent service, and extensive range of knowledge when setting up my superannuation and insurance. 

I know that my financial future is in great hands and if i have any queries or concerns they are only a quick phone call away. I couldn’t be happier with the service provided and I have recommended them to my family and friends. 

-Mikayla, 2021

Jessica continues to provide the...

Highly professional and outstanding service we continue to receive from Crest Financial Services. Thank you for many years of great service and support.

-Geoff, 2019

Jessica is lovely and has been...

Incredibly helpful with both my financial affairs and in finalising some estate arrangements. She has been a great support in a difficult time. Thank you Crest Financial Services.

-Georgina, 2018

Jessica has been very helpful in...

Managing our financial affairs and finalising a few outstanding issues. Jessica and her team have allowed us to continue our retirement confident with what we have and need. 

-Krystyna, 2018

Jess is very helpful and explains things in a simple format...

I continue to appreciate all the effort Jessica and Crest Financial Services go to in helping me with my financial affairs.

-Diana, 2018

Jake Muras

more about Jake
Jake helped create a financial strategy...

That matched my current goals and needs, while also taking the time to get to know me on a more personal level. Jake communicated the progress of my advice every step of the way and was always available to answer any questions or queries I had. Thanks to Jake I now have insurance cover set up and the peace of mind that I know my retirement savings will be looked after for years to come. 

Jake has also helped me with my budgeting and savings, placing me on the right path to start putting money away for the future. I would highly recommend Jake to anybody who is looking for personal financial advice.

-Thomas, 2022

Jake and Crest have...

been guiding me financially for some time now and I have the utmost confidence they have placed me in the best position post-retirement.

-Kevin, 2021

Simply having someone we...

trust looking over things on a regular basis provides me and my partner with great peace of mind.

-Graeme, 2021

I have been with Crest for some time now...

Have always found their professional and integrity to be impeccable. My advisor Jake is always on the ball and is very proactive in keeping me informed and involved in decisions about my investments. 

-Geoff, 2021

Jake has helped immensely...

in our pre-retirement planning and allowed us to focus on our lives rather than our financial side of things.

-Kenmneth, 2020

Jake has been exceptional...

in helping build my investment and always explains things in ways i can understand.

-Sam, 2020

Cameron Tynan

more about Cameron
Cameron has been fantastic on...

My journey to retirement and I could not thank him more.

-Robert, 2022

Cameron is very professional...

Explains everything for me and is setting me financially for the future. Can’t recommend enough.

-Justin, 2022

Cameron is down to earth...

and very easy to deal with. Cameron is always willing to answer and questions I have and shows me he has an understanding of my needs.

-Craig, 2021

Cameron has helped me...

to have a much clearer understanding of finances in general and am grateful for the assistance he has provided me these last few years. 

-Aleisha, 2021

I have been a client of Cameron's for...

A number of years. He is knowledgeable, easy to communicate with and always has my best interests at heart. I would happily recommend to family and friends. 

-Paul, 2021

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